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New! 8 lb Trial Size bags. $16.99, Free Shipping. Try a new wood variety today!

If you want...

- the best tasting BBQ

- natural hardwood smoke, with no fillers, artificial oils or scents

- clean burning pellets with the highest BTUs and very little ash

...You want "Q" Pellets!

"Q" Pellets are the highest quality premium hardwood pellets for barbecuing, grilling, and smoking!*

*We do not sell cheap "flavored" pellets, which contain fillers, binders, and artificial oils, sprays, and scents. Our "Q" Pellets are all-natural, 100% pure hardwood which will infuse natural flavor in your BBQ! Pure hardwood straight from the "North Woods!" There is nothing else in the bag!

Dealers Wanted!  To apply, email us your background and contact details to info@qpellets.com 



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