Warning! Do not view this page if you're hungry! 

 Baby Backs, Kansas City Style!

Pastrami, anyone? 

 Juicy prime rib. No need to go to Lawry's

Pork butt --soon to be pulled pork. 

Pork butts a smokin' 

Salmon being prepped for smokin 

 Homemade bratwurst goin in...

Italian Sausage ready 


Meat loaf, but not just any meatloaf! 

 Here's Q, working hard, pellet smokin....

Spare ribs, KC Style 

St Louis Ribs, Memphis Style! 

Smoked ham hocks! Won't fit in a sandwich. 

Partial pig. Enough for 2 (or more) 

Pulled pork! Yum! 

Salmon is in (how'd the chicken sneak in there?) 

 Smoked Brats are done!


Salmon bellies and fillets... 

More Cluck 

 Picnic, ready!

Hungry yet? 


























































































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