Why Cook With Pellets Instead of Gas or Charcoal?

LumberJack 100% Hardwood BBQ Pellets are a superior way to cook barbecue. Why? Several reasons.

First, the flavor! There is simply no comparison between the flavor of food cooked with pure wood smoke instead of propane gas or even charcoal. Gas grills are convenient, yes. But let's face it: you simply can't make real barbecue with a gas grill. Period. (Have you ever heard of a competition BBQ team cooking on a gas grill? Never! They'd lose every time! Have you ever been to a great BBQ restaurant that uses a gas smoker? Never. They'd be out of business pronto.) Gas cooking imparts no flavor, and true barbecue is all about flavor.

Second, pellet cooking offers the convenience of gas barbecuing, without the mess of charcoal. So you get the flavor you've been missing without getting your hands dirty. We all know that charcoal is dirty and makes a mess. And you end up with all that ash to dispose of. It's a hassle. That's why so many people give up on charcoal, switch to gas for the convenience and lack of mess, and end up sacrificing the flavor of the food.

Between the dirt and mess of charcoal, and the trouble cooking food right with either charcoal or gas, barbecuing becomes too much work, and often the results are disappointing. Barbecuing should be fun, and it is with pellets. Pellet cooking is -- effortless!

Let us explain

With charcoal and grills or smokers, as well as gas grills, it's hard to adjust the temperature, except by guessing, or by trial and error. Too much charcoal means burning your food; and too little means it doesn't cook fully (usually you can't tell until halfway through your cook. Then you add more charcoal, and it takes too long for it to burn and increase the heat). 

With gas grills, you can adjust the flame, but the grill still gets too hot or not hot enough while cooking. 

With charcoal or gas, how often have you come back to your grill to find your meat in flames, burned to a crisp? This occurs either because the flame is too hot, or because the fat dripping off the meat bursts into flames as the meat cooks. There is no way to set a specific temperature on a gas grill or charcoal grill or smoker, so every time you barbecue, it is hit or miss. Your food comes out different every time, sometimes bad, ruining a party or disappointing your family or friends.

Pellets to the Rescue

Unlike gas grills or charcoal grills or smokers, pellet grills and smokers are virtually automatic; you set the temperature you want (just like an oven) and walk away! Go take a snooze in your hammock for a couple of hours. When the time is up, come back and your food is cooked perfectly! Pellet barbecues take no tending--none at all; you don't have to watch the food or play with the grill to make sure its OK. Pellet barbecuing is so effortless, you'll wonder why you didn't switch sooner.

Pellets burn cleanly, and leave very little ash (LumberJack Pellets leave less than 2% ash!). After a long cook, you will find only a couple of tablespoons of ash! So there is no mess to clean up like there is with charcoal. (There is so little ash with pellet cookers, you only have to remove it every couple months!)

And pellets are a "green" source of renewable energy, unlike gas, which is a non-renewable resource, just like gasoline or crude oil. Moreover, you are not putting petrochemical fumes into the air, as you are with gas grills.

Finally, to repeat the first advantage of pellets: THE TASTE! With pellets you are cooking with pure wood smoke, so your food tastes wonderful. Burning charcoal creates a lot of creosote, and this builds up on the food as it cooks; charcoal can provide smoked flavor, but the creosote creates a bitter coating on your food. With gas grills, your food is being bathed in petrochemical fumes as it cooks--not healthy. Pellet cooking avoids both these problems by burning pure wood pellets that create pure wood smoke with far less creosote and no petrochemical fumes.

We can guarantee that once you try pellet barbecuing, and find out how easy it is, and how great the food tastes, you will ask yourself: "Why didn't I switch to pellet cooking years ago?" Your friends will be amazed, and they WILL ask: "Wow! Is this good! How did you do it?" You just smile, and say "It's magic!"